Paragraphs on Life of a Teacher – by Supriya


The life of a teacher is not an easy one. A teacher has to play several roles at a single time.

A teacher is a friend, a Philosopher & a guide for his students. With a powerful tool of education a teacher turns the inner eye of students towards light.


In the present era our nation is facing various issues & education is one of that.

Hence the importance of teachers can never be ignored. They are working day & night for the growth & development of our nation & its youth. Teachers are making their life hard by getting into this profession & in return expect their students to get quality education & become better part of the society. It really requires a lot of zeal & confidence to become a teacher & educate others.

Life of a teacher:

A teacher not only shares the subject knowledge with his students but also the theoretical knowledge with them so that they can develop their personal character. It is a teacher’s responsibility to instill the spirit of nationalism & patriotism in the minds of youth of the nation. A teacher teaches his students about the various constitutional duties & rights that they must perform as a part of the society.

A teacher shows the right path of truth to his student to lead a noble & virtuous life. A teacher is a planner, an information provider, an assessor, a resource developer, a facilitator, course organizer, curriculum evaluator, mentor, tutor, personal adviser & a role model for his students. Hence becoming a teacher is not as easy as it seems it is.

My aim in life- to become a “teacher”:


I aim to become a teacher to lead a respectable life. I want to serve my nation by the means of education. I want to share my wisdom & utilize my humble capacity. India has 40% of its youth population that is deprived to get proper education. I want to spread education to various parts of India.

Today very few people want to adopt this profession because teachers are paid low. But then too I want to become a teacher & serve my nation in the best possible way I can because earning money is not my only aim in life.

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