Paragraphs on Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Ramakrishna was born in 1836 in a brahimin family of kamarpukur village in Hooghly district of Bengal.

He took up the family profession to worship at the age of nine. He became the head priest of Dakhineswar Kali temple where his elder brother the head priest of the Dakhineswar Kali temple where his elder brother was the chief priest.


He gradually became more attached to Kali. He would frequently mental struggle and penance to his body he gradually developed a consciousness in which he realized Kali and felt her existence and presence.

He could visualize the supreme Divine Mother representing that absolute force which brought into existence the universe. He underwent various spiritual realizations and saw Krishna and Rama. He took to religious practices of various creeds like Tantrism, Vaisnavism, Avaitism, Buddism, Islam and Christianity and realized Godhood through all these.

To him religion was an all embracing spirituality and God as the highest human ideal attainable only by development of the high spiritual life and turning all actions and thoughts towards God. Ramakrishna emphasized on the intensity of Live for God.

He Found image worship helpful in his religions life, which means to an end and not an end in itself. Ramakrishna’s spiritual cosmopolitanism brought a new vision in the minds of the Indians which resulted in the spiritual unity of makings. He thus became the wonderful mixture of God and man. Ramakrishan attracted many as his disciples because of his analysis of religion.

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