Short Autobiography of a Football

Football is one among the popular games across the globe. An energetic game that is played among two teams with one single ball for about an hour and half and the team that strikes the maximum number of goals wins.

As the name says, this game is played by one’s feet. Except for the goal keepers who are at the extreme ends of the game field, nobody else is allowed to take the ball in their hands during the game.


The Football Association in 1863 has set the laws of the game in England and the association of football is governed internationally by FIFA. A team is declared to win the game if they score more number of goals, however if both the teams have the same number of goals, either a penalty shootout is given or a draw is declared. The game is divided into two halves and the players would be penalized if offenses are done during the game.

In order to be a football player, one needs great stamina and energy to keep them on the move as the game involves vigorous running for 90 minutes. The game also helps in developing team spirit and building up team strategies. Apart from countries competing with each other, there are football clubs that also compete with each other.

Football is also called soccer and is played in almost all countries across the globe. There are about 17 rules that are official in the game. However the rules may bend a bit for certain groups like juniors, seniors, and women and for the disabled. Though the laws of the game are published by FIFA, they are maintained by IFAB (International Football Association Board).

Football is a wonderful game and viewers watch with all excitement throughout the game, and wait for the goal to strike and wait for the end result.

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