Short Paragraph on An Ideal Student

Here is your short paragraph on An Ideal Student !

How an ideal student should be? Is it just about being the best in every aspect of life?


People have different perspectives regarding what exactly the role of a perfect student should be.

I believe there is actually no criteria to judge the perfectionism. What is perfect for me may not be perfect for you.

So, an ideal student should be a boy or girl with high moral values and respect for life. I personally disagree with people when they say high scores and top performances are everything that matters to the modern competitive world. I like to think differently.

Too many expectations and the pressure of best performance don’t work in the favor of our well being. It can force a student to take unethical routes of success. If someone thinks it’s fair to be unethical to be the best, I don’t agree with that.


No person should compromise his/her self respect. For me, an ideal student should be the one who never negotiates with self respect. We need good and smart human beings for the society, and definitely not the robotic order following machines. Apart from having the exceptional skills and subject expertise, an ideal student should also have the heart to differentiate between the right and the wrong. An ideal student should bring happiness to the society and justice to human beings.

I believe perfectionism should not be the reason of depression. To become an ideal student as per our elder’s expectations, you shouldn’t overburden yourself.

An ideal student from my eyes should be a smart person. He doesn’t always have to be best in everything. I think it’s not that bad to be little undisciplined at times. An ideal student should also be a great person. Our thought process makes us different from others. So, an ideal student should think about society and human welfare and not only about personal benefits.

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