Short Paragraph on “Be a Man Without Fear”

You may have a sense of purpose,a great hope and faith in your future but fear can hold you back from realizing your dream. If Fear control your decision Fear can hold you back from what you want to be.

The moment we start to learn the truth of life, it seems fear is everywhere.


When we study, we fear about achieving scores and ranks. When we’re in the college, we fear about placements and getting a good job. And that’s not the end.

But Fear is not real. Fear is a feeling. Fear is not real. There is a wide gap between the experience and the Fear one imagined. It’s disastrous. We are handicapped by Fear of making mistakes, Fear of failure and Fear of reaching our goal. We become so possed or obsessed by fear that they become real to us Fear is debilating . It is detrimental for the enjoyment of life and constant fear of what might happen. Even if Fear comes to your door donot allow them in. Fear should not dictate you. You need to kill it if you really want to live life on your own condition.

To be a man without fear, you’ve to be brave. Be brave to face the difficulties of life. When you fear too much, you start to ignore the opportunities and possibilities. Fear is not a solution to a problem. Be a man without fear so that panic can’t grow inside you. Even if you fear something, don’t let the feeling control your thoughts and actions. Instead, you control it.

Fear can only make a situation worse, as we said earlier. This is why we say try to take immediate actions to fight your fear before it starts to control you. Fear can manipulate your thoughts, decisions and actions. You may make a mistake to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Be a man without fear so that you can do justice to yourself and to others. Remember, the power of bravery is stronger than fear. Yes, may be the path of bravery is not easy, but that’s where you get success. Fear can never get you happiness. It can only hold you back.

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