Short Paragraph on Exam Phobia – by Supriya


Competition during studies has given way to exam phobia these days. A lot of students (even toppers) face difficulties to overcome exam phobia.


But before appearing for any exam it is very important to overcome your tension.

This is due to the fact that many students fail to write down the answers properly even when they know them very well.

Features of exam phobia:

a. Exam phobia is a state of unnecessary worrying about being under evaluated during exams.


b. Exam phobia is a state of unnecessary worrying about upcoming tests/ exams.

c. Exam phobia affects a lot of scholars all across the globe.

d. Exam phobia is difficult to be understood by a lot of parents, teachers & the scholars themselves.

e. Exam phobia is a kind of apprehension about the results.

Main factors contributing exam phobia:

  1. Lifestyle issues
  2. Information needs
  3. Methods of Studying
  4. Inadequate sleep
  5. Poor health
  6. Too many stimulants
  7. Lack of concentration.
  8. Improper time Management.
  9. Lack of prioritizing of commitments

Steps to overcome exam phobia:

a. Identify your anxiousness.

b. Prepare yourself very well for your exam.

c. Avoid & ignore people that complain or make predictions of failing before appearing for the exam/ test that is going to take place.

d. Revise all your notes one night before.

e. Sleep well & try to use aromatherapy or meditation to calm you down.

f. On the examination day read all the practice questions.

g. In the examination hall before writing down the answers read the entire question paper.


Hence it is very important for every student to manage & prioritize his time. To do so he/ she should follow a time table. That time table should lay special emphasis over difficult subjects like Sanskrit, Math’s, and Science etc. There should be a special provision for revision during the examination months. To overcome stress a student should also maintain separate time slots to get sufficient breaks in between. Eating healthy food, taking proper sleep, regular exercise or following some sport activities to keep them happy is also important for students to overcome exam phobia. Sincerity, regularity, concentration and time management will help overcoming Examination phobia.

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