Short Paragraph on Freedom of Press

Freedom of press – how important it is to our country? I often think – wouldn’t be the situation of our country very different if there were no freedom of press? If there were no freedom of press, people would have no way to know the latest economic and political status of the country.

Print media, which is press, should always have the freedom to bring out the best and the worsts related to the country’s development.


This means we have the right to know the latest developments, the role of political leaders and the downside of a policy reform. We know judgements made on manipulative and vague information can never be good for a country and its people.

Freedom of press is justifiable considering print media is the largest and still quite popular medium which can be used to spread awareness across the country. We’re the residents of a democratic country where every person has a right to know the truths and the facts. If we have been provided with the right to know, judge and choose a most qualified leader for our country, we must have access to an honest and pure source of information so that we can build our perception and decide who is the best applicant.

Freedom of press is important so that the people, who are not so tech savvy to have an easy access to a huge database of information, can also get a clear picture of the country’s developments. Freedom of press is an absolute necessity for the welfare of the people. Again, as residents of India are the largest decision makers, enough distribution of information is very important from the overall perspective. Freedom of press plays an important role and goes a great way in forming public opinion. And prevent the unscrupulous politicians from wrong doings.

A country like India, where residents are the most powerful body to decide the Government of the country, must allow freedom of press for equal distribution of information. However, I also recognize the fact very well that encouraging an unbiased source of information is very important alongside having the freedom of press. You won’t be able to get to know the truth or won’t be able to take a fair decision based on the restricted information. If there is no freedom of press, democracy is meaningless.

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