Short Paragraph on “Friendship”

A Friend in need is a Friend in deed.We believe in friendship. But do we really understand the real meaning of it? What are the traits of a Friend.

No, there are no standard attributes that can define how an ideal friendship should be like.


The bond of friendship is much bigger than practicality. A brother, a mother, even your boyfriend or husband can become the best friend you ever could have. Today we discuss what friendship should mean to you and your partner.

After going through years of struggle and many life experiences together, now I understand I share the most adorable bond of friendship with my life partner. He is the man whom I can trust no matter what the matter or situation is. He was the man with whom I started the toughest journey of my life. My education life wasn’t easier. But he was always by my side whenever I was stuck in a problem. What I realized that a true relationship of friendship never asks for any promises. Like the relationship of a mother and a child, it’s also unconditional. I’ve realized I’m one among a few blessed ones who share this amazing bond with a very close person.

For me, friendship is always very pure. The relationship has to be so understanding that no slight confusions can create room for misunderstanding. Even if there is any misunderstanding, the relation of friendship should be strong enough to pass through the hurdles. A great friendship eventually can get over many tough situations.

A friendship gives you the power to sustain many tough life complications. You just need to know that there is someone who can stand by your side during the toughest moments. A good friend and friendship should be like a guide.


If you’re confused, or not able to take some important life decision, you should feel like calling your best friend and ask for advice. This is how the feeling of a real friendship should be like. To develop the bond of an unbreakable friendship, you’ve to give it some time and effort. You may have to prioritize your friend’s likings and problems before yours at times. So, friendship is not easy. A great friendship will need loyalty, trust, honesty and an unconditional acceptance.

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