Short Paragraph on Jealousy (420 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Jealousy !

Jealousy refers to be a feeling of insecurity, negative thoughts, anxiety and fear over an anticipated loss of valuable things or relationships such as love, friendships etc.


Usually jealousy consists of 3 basic emotions- disgust, anger and sadness. Jealousy may occur in any individual irrespective of age but the teens are more prone to jealousy these days.

For instance, there is a new boy in high school who is handsome, dashing and intelligent and wants to help other boys and girls. The other boys will be jealous and insecure because they know that all the students will be attracted to him and will vote him. This insecurity will lead the other boys to plan something bad for him to harm him. The most common characteristic of jealousy is a negative thought. Many a times a jealous person tries to hurt his enemies.

There are many situations that can make you jealous. However the intensity differs from one situation to another.

Some of situations that can make you jealous are as follows:


i. When your friend (or some other boy) tries to flirts with the girl you like.

ii. When your friend (or someone else) achieves something that you wanted to achieve but failed to do so.

iii. When a person whom you hate succeeds.

iv. When you friend (or someone else) gets something & you think that he/ she doesn’t deserves it.

Causes behind jealousy:

i. Insecurity

ii. Fear

iii. Poor self image

iv. Lack of self confidence

Jealousy is undoubtedly a natural feeling. It does not benefit you in any situation. Jealousy drags you down and bridge gap between you and people whom you love. Hence it is very important for you to identify jealousy and learn to avoid it in order to secure your relationships.

Ways to avoid jealousy:

i. Identify situations that trigger the feelings of jealousy in you.

ii. Try to build your self confidence

iii. Try to overcome your insecurities

iv. Stop comparing yourself with others and avoid being jealous with them because it will resist you to grow

v. Try to do the reverse of what jealousy makes you to do

vi. Learn to let go & trust people you know

vii. Listen to your conscious instead of blowing things out of proportion.

viii. Be reasonable to expect things from others. For instance, you should know about how much time a person can devote to you.

ix. Learn to develop a positive view of people around you.

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