Short Paragraph on Life in a Village

Here is your short paragraph on Life in a Village !

How’s the life in a village? Some people say it’s peaceful to live the life of a villager.


Less expectations and competition of survival keep the life in a village simpler.

However, I’m not habitual of blindly following other’s views. I always believe most things look brighter from the outside. Didn’t you hear elders say – everything that shine is not gold. So, it’s better to see the other side of the coin before being conclusive.

I often think how the life would have been if I were a villager. If I’ve to tell you the truth, I would say that the thought of this kind really scares the heck out of me. I’m happy with the life I live. In our country, village life is not really so great.

Life in a village would be tougher if I’ve to live a restricted life. I don’t like enforced bindings. I know my own limitations. I don’t want someone else to decide that for me. I think life in a village is tough if people have no freedom of choice and thoughts. The dominance of abusive powers is another big factor.


Sometimes people scare to raise voice against a crime because the powerful people lead the Panchayat. I think living life in a village would be hard for me if I’m not allowed to speak before the dominant people or think differently than the conventional people. Life in a village in our country is not good as the our Government is highly indifferent about village life progress, infrastructure development and education growth for the youngs.

Although I’m not the best person to judge the life in a village, I can say that I’m not made for it. If I would have been born and brought up in the village environment, I could probably think about it. People say life in a village keeps men unite. People live there based on a very limited supply of resources. They don’t have abundance of any supplies. This is probably the main reason why village people learn to live life and be happy with very limited privileges.

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