Short Paragraph on Political Parties

Political parties are present in every country. These are the main actors which are involved in politics-the struggle for power in society.

These are usually not given a place in the constitution of the state. However, these always play a leading part in the working of a democracy. These perform several political functions.


Without political parties elections cannot be held, government-making cannot be effectively achieved, law-making can become difficult, government can behave arbitrarily, public opinion can remain confused, people’s support to the government can decrease, opposition to government can become ineffective harmful, and the working of government can become difficult and inefficient.

Without Political Parties no Government can really work. That is why there is no society without political parties. Munro is right when he says, “No Party, No Democracy”.

In simple words, a political party is an organised group of people having similar ideology. It considers itself separate from other parties and has a specific programme of its own. It participates is politics by using peaceful and constitutional means. It works with the ultimate aim of securing political power in the state.

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