Short Paragraph on Tea Pest

Here is your short paragraph on tea pest!

Tea plants are perennial shrubs of genus Camellia (C. thea) which are grown as plantation crop in different parts of the world.


The dried leaves of the tea plants are boiled along with water to make liquor, which is either taken as raw or mixed with sugar and milk.

Tea is usually consumed in the morning or in the afternoon. It is so extensively used in Indian sub­continent that it has now been considered as a part of our culture. Tea is the most common item to be served to a guest in India.

Since, tea plants are perennial and continue to grow for many years, they are prone to pest infestation of various kinds. Tea crops provide ideal and long lasting conditions for the growth and propagation of insect pests as there is less chances of total harvestation. G.M. Das (1965) have described 147 different types of insects which infest the tea crops in North-East India. Some of the pest are surface feeders and can be detected easily at the time of plucking of tea leaves but some of them have adapted to bore inside the stem and roots of the plants.

Since, the leaves from the tea plants are plucked regularly and they are the consumable part of the plant, use of residual insecticides to control pest population may be hazardous to human health. Tea pests can be controlled by efficient cultural and mechanical methods and non residual insecticides is preferred in place of residual ones.

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