Short Paragraph on The Titanic

I was very fortunate in getting a ticket for the premier show of the film ‘Titanic’ held in Lucknow on the 10th of September.

I had read raving reviews of the film made by Steven Spielberg, the director, of Jurassic Park fame.


The film is a real life tragic drama, enacted more than one hundred and fifty years ago, on the luxurious and invincible ship ‘ Titanic’, that struck an iceberg. It sank in the Pacific Ocean, with more than one thousand and five hundred people on board.

The director ingeniously weaves a love story against the backdrop of this tragedy. It is the story of a poor girl ‘Rose’, who falls in love with a young lad “Jack”, emigrating to America for work. Rose’s mother, an ambitious women wants her to marry a wealthy young man, traveling aboard the ship.

The drama has the usual twists and turns, with the wealthy man conspiring, and accusing Jack of stealing a diamond necklace ‘The heart of The Ocean’. At this juncture the ship collides with an iceberg, and starts to sink gradually. There is a wild scramble, as people behave like animals, for their own self-preservation, fighting for life jackets and lifeboats. The young couple on the other hand, risk their lives to save each other. The hero finally succumbing to the icy waters, to save his beloved.

It goes to the credit of the director, who has been able to extract a stellar performance from Kate Winset, “Rose” and Leonardo Di Caprio, “Jack” in their debut performance. The film has good cinematography and elaborate sets. The grandeur of the ship has been recreated, by actually constructing the same.


The excellent camera work, and digital stereo sound effects, give a ‘true to life’ experience. So much so, that you can actually feel the emotions of the people struck by the calamity. The screenplay, dialogue delivery, costumes make up and props, truly reflect the period of the tragedy.

So realistic is the film, that it is bound to strike an emotional chord in the viewers, some of whom were moved to tears. On the whole, it is a well-made film offering wholesome entertainment and thrill, justifying the cost of one hundred million dollars that went into making it. Undoubtedly, it deserves the eight Oscar awards, and is bound to be a runaway success.

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