The Effects of Stress on Students in High School – by Jenny


Stress is one major factor that is rising at an alarming rate, especially among students.

It has been observed that there are many side effects caused due to the rising stress and students find it very difficult to cope with the current level of stress they face.

Reasons and Remedies:


Stress can arise for various reasons. One main reason is the overloading of content to students and making them do multiple tasks within a short time frame. When too much work has been given to students, they start getting tensed up and this gradually build up stress in them, leading to many negative effects. Anger, frustration, being destructive are all outcome from the stress developed in these little minds. When they are not being able to live up to either their expectations or to the expectations of their parents or teachers, they start feeling frustrated and this leads them to more negative habits like either getting involved in drinks, drugs or smoking, thereby ruining their future on the whole.

Yes, there was a time when students used to take up all these loads on their back, but then the competition and comparison levels were not to the extent of what we see today and hence children never felt so stressed out. Children are usually stressed out from the workloads that schools put on them and there are many studies that have proved to be right. Parents are worried these days with the behavior change that they see in their children. Children are become more short-tempered and they unnecessarily shout at each other when at home or in school.

There are many health problems that have been observed with the stress building up on children. Frequent headaches, behavior disturbances, stomachaches, and a sense of being lost all the time. The fear of losing is what makes these kids stressed and parents and teachers need to ensure that they are not expected to bring out some miracles.

By providing proper support, encouragement and being involved in their activities would help them go a long way. Reducing their burden and helping them feel a bit lighter would encourage them to get thing done better, without stressing themselves too much. By helping the child to plan things ahead of time, as a parent or teacher, you are helping the child to get organized and be systematic and learn how to prioritize things in life, thereby reducing the level of stress and encouraging them that it is ok, even if some things have not been completed.



Stress management has become so important in our lives today that even small kids need to learn how to cope and manage stress, in order to lead a normal and healthy life. A little stress is fine, but crossing the limits is where trouble begins and we as responsible elders, should not let our children cross the boundaries for a stressful and imbalanced life for them.

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