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Paragraph on The Most Popular Boy I Admire Most!

The most popular boy whom I admire most is my fiancé. It’s hard to find words to match his personality and virtues.


He is the reason of my progress. I didn’t think anyone could be so full of life and daring attitude. I admire him because of his honesty and innocence.

When I first met him, I thought I hated him. He was very aggressive and seemed quite adamant at times. However, he is an extremely helpful and cooperative person at the same time. Knowing someone accurately is very hard in the beginning. So, I decided to know him a bit more. Life was and always is pretty cool with him.

I was a shy person with too many mental obstructions. I used to be worried about what others feel, think and talk about me. He taught me to be cool with a courageous attitude. It’s not like that he doesn’t care about other’s feelings. It’s only that he knows how to be happy to make others happy. As they say – you can’t make one happy until you’re happy. This is what he believes and made me believe.

I like him because he is free of greed and full of innocence. His clarity of thought and straight point of view makes me envious sometimes. I think I’ve been able to transform myself extensively in his company. And I’m thankful to him for that. I admire my fiancé because he’s an absolute joy to live with. He didn’t have a very good childhood. Despite that, he is so full of life. People like him can only teach about one thing – it’s never too late to pursue a new beginning. If I dislike his adamant attitude at times, I try to overshadow the most of it because he has too many virtues to count.

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