The Most Popular Girl I Admire Most– My Sister

Paragraph on the Most Popular Girl I Admire Most – My Sister!

The most popular girl I admire most is my elder sister. You can say I don’t know any other girl so close and better way. It’s not that I like her because she is my sister.


I adore her because the kind of a person she is. She is a girl with a strong heart and vision. She knows how to survive the odds with courage.

The reason why I consider her the most popular girl I admire most is because I’ve seen her during the time of struggles. Our family didn’t have the money or offer the support to back up her education. But she never thought of giving up. She didn’t lose her spirit and kept us together. She is a girl with a strong will power and has eyes full of dreams. She is a fighter. Why I say so because I love her attitude for life. She fights back every barrier. How wonderful she was when she had nobody by her side except our mother. She worked too hard to get the career of her choice and support our family.

I can’t forget her dedications. She was unbreakable. Can I ever be like her? Where from she gets all the inspirations? I remember only a handful of people to be by her side when she needed it the most. If you’ve ever noticed, people only like to be your companion during happier days. Nobody wants to take the burden of your sadness. That’s probably the human nature. However, she didn’t care about it. My sister is the girl I admire most because she is a girl with a golden heart.

I don’t want anyone to replace my reverence and love for her. She is the one and will always be the most popular girl of my life. After all, she showed me how to live a life with a spirit of audacity.

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