Travelling The Road Less Travelled: Are You Ready?

Everyone tells about to take the road less travelled, the childhood dreams, the personal legends, but no one talks about this; that the road less travelled, travels through the paths of darkness, uncertainty and a never-ending journey, which tests, examine and introspects the persistence of human soul to the deepest extends.

It has been preached from time immemorial that the cave we fear to enter holds our childhood dreams, but no one adds this; that it may also hold our coffin, our last destiny.


And when it comes to personal legends no one tells us about the sacrifices, the pain, and the enduring hardship we have to deal with, and most of the time almost alone, isolated from the rest, just having one thing with us, a HOPE, just with a hope to conquer our Personal Legend.

But here the BIG question is, it is really so necessary to take the road less travelled, to play with the childhood dreams and to travel through the darkness to achieve nothing but Personal Legends? And the answer is a big ‘YES’.

If not, then what left, what’s the meaning of life?

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