Short Paragraph on Lying (420 Words)

Here is you short paragraph on Lying !

Since childhood we all are taught that we should never lie because lying is not good.


Lying is bad because of the following disadvantages:

I. Lying can hurts others

II. Lying can destroy healthy relationships

III. Lying is cheating with yourself


IV. One lie can result into many lies ultimately making it a habit

V. A liar is never esteemed and trusted in the society

VI. Once a liar is always seen as a liar. Nobody likes to believe a liar even if he/ she says truth

VII. Liars are always hated and disrespected

VIII. Society believes that liars are not worthy to be loved

IX. Lying makes a person unrealistic & impractical

X. Lying pushes you to betray others

Lying is always wrong no matter what the situation is. A liar is always caught at some point of time. Lying can help you to escape from the situation for a while but at the end you be definitely caught.

Truth is always appreciated, loved and respected by all in every situation. If you wish to speak truth you will always be trusted and loved. Though telling truth may put you into trouble but that trouble is far better than creating a liar in you. If caught lying you lose trust of people you love like your friends, family and relatives. Trust once lost cannot be regained at any cost so it’s better to tell the truth and be loved forever.

Advantages of telling truth:

I. Truth gives you a sense of satisfaction, happiness and peace of mind

II. Truth keeps you away from the fear of being caught

III. Truth keeps you away from embarrassing situations

IV. Truth gives you love and respect

V. Truth helps you to main healthy relationships with people you know

Lying starts from a very small scale initially but later it develops a kind of habit in you making you a bad person. Lying is directly proportional to respect. The more lie you speak the more respect you lose.

Finally a stage is reached where you stop getting respect even when you choose to speak the truth. No matter how ugly the truth is you should never lie because as soon as the situation cools down things become normal and transparent with time. The disadvantages of lying overweight the advantages so try always speak whet is true. Never lose courage to speak the truth and live your life with your head held high.

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