Short Paragraph on My Personality (350 Words)

Here is your paragraph on My Personality!

Personality is one aspect that we all are being analyzed on.


Personality defines who we are and what we are. Some people have great personalities, while others may not have that pleasing and appealing personality. We must be always having a good personality to be a better person.

Personality lies in many things that we carry in ourselves. The way we dress, the language we talk, how we behave with others, our attitude and so on. The most important of all is how well we handle a situation, using proper brains and thinking well. When in a crisis, rather than jumping into conclusions, one should always be level headed and think quickly and wisely and then act accordingly. All these counts in our personality.

Another important factor is how cheerful you are. All of us prefer to be in the company of happy and cheerful people, in the same way, people also expect the same from us. Rather than being sad and moody, when one is cheerful and cracks jokes when in a crowd, they would be appreciated and accepted much faster than those who do not happen to fall in here.

Personality basically replicates what we have within us. The traits that one acquire over a period of time, develops our personality. Personality of one person is based on several factors. Some characteristics are inborn, while others are inherited and some others still being observed, learned and incorporated when getting in touch with other people and situations around. Though some characters are given to us as a blessing, we have the right to nurture it and develop it for the betterment of ourselves and this would automatically reflect in our good personality too.


One has to be always presentable, pleasentable and sharp focused in thoughts and acts, to be accepted and loved by all and to be in possession of a person with great personality. Personality just does not happen overnight, one needs to have great dedication and practice to develop cultures and habits that would help in growing one`s personality.

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