Short Paragraph on My Pet (390 Words)

Here is your paragraph on my pet:

Having a pet of your own is wonderful and someone like me who really enjoys pets would really enjoy the love, affection and fun that one would have, while having a pet. Of all the pets, the most common is the dog and I also have a little one as my pet.


The name of my little doggie is Cookie. He is a Pomeranian. He is so sweet and small and is always beside me. We bought him home when he was hardly a month old. He is so cute and he is white in colour. We have developed a bond from then on and is still strong. It was so much fun in training him for his activities and playing games. He is now like a member of the family. He joins me in all my day to day activities. He gets up with me in the morning and accompanies me for my morning exercise and run to school. While me being at school, I really miss him and he misses me too.

Once I am back, he sits with me while I have my tea and snacks and then we both go out to play. It is so much fun to play with him. After running and jumping with him, we get back and once I bath and settle for my home works, he would be right beside me on his mat. He sleeps on the floor on his mat, just beside my bed.

He is a good listener and a very quick learner. He learned all that we taught him, very fast and he has learned well to guard the house. He is very smart and active and makes sure that the house is well protected. Cookie loves to be bathed and groomed. He loves his meal that we serve and on special occasions we serve him his favourite food.

We even celebrate his birthday and cut cake for him and he has the major share of his birthday cake. Oh! He loves that so much. Having Cookie in my life is truly wonderful. The love and bond that we share could not be put in words. I love him so much and he loves me too. Cookie is the best pet that I have had so far.

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