Short Paragraph on My Pet Parrot (360 Words)

Here is your paragraph on my pet parrot !

Pets could be any kind of animal or bird. Some people prefer to have cats and dogs, while others prefer to have birds. Well I have a little and cute pet parrot.


We name her Poopoo. She is very sweet and loving and a very intelligent parrot.

She happened as an accident in our lives. One day, some other bird was trying to chase her and she accidently fell in our lawn. My mother picked her up and found that she was wounded. My mom nursed her and gave her little water and some food.

From that day, she would not leave us and go anywhere. She gradually gained our love and is now one among the family member. Though we have bought a cage for her, most of the time she is in the house, or on our shoulders.

She is well trained and does not create any fuss. She feeds on little pulses and grains and sometimes on fruits. She loves to talk a lot. She says almost anything that we say. The little swing in her cage is another favourite place of hers. She loves to sit there and swing with the cool breeze soothing her. She enjoys being with anyone of us, but specially with Mom. She loves Mom very much. (Maybe for saving her life!!!).


If Mom tells her anything, she would listen. She is a wonderful listener too. When we have a problem and need to vent out, you could just talk to her like a friend. She listens carefully and gives you great comfort. Though we bought her a companion, she did not like and was not happy and so took it back. She loves to be alone in midst of us and be pampered and loved by each one of us.

On some days, she enjoys being in her cage and otherwise she loves to be in between us. It is so much fun and entertainment when she is around and we all love her very much. A lovely pet that has happened to us and we treasure it.


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