Short Paragraph on Kashmir (400 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Kashmir !

Since partition (Since 1947) of the sub-continent into 2 independent states namely India and Pakistan, the political situation of these regions has become volatile. Kashmir is situated in the Himalayan region of India.


Kashmir is considered as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Pakistan has an illegal control over a part of Kashmir.

Control of Kashmir is a big issue of violence between India & Pakistan since years. Kashmir is situated between 32°17′ & 36°58′ north-latitude & 72°26′ & 83°30′ east-longitude.

The boundaries of Kashmir extends to:

i. Russian Turkistan- towards the north


ii. Tibet- towards the east

iii. Punjab- towards the south

iv. Pakistan- towards the west

Since 1947 India has faced 2 big wars with Pakistan to resolve the issue of Kashmir. In both the wars India defeated Pakistan. Because of this Pakistan is now trying to make strategies to terrorize residents of Kashmir.

Indian government at every level is making huge efforts to deal with such inhuman activities. There are many organizations that are engaged with the issue of terrorism in Kashmir. Some of them are all parties Hurriyat Conference, Liberation Front, Kashmir Liberation Army etc.

Pakistan wishes Kashmir to be merged in its territory. The indulgence of Pakistan to promote terrorism in Kashmir is also proved many a times. Pakistani militants have killed thousands of innocent people of Kashmir by creating riots. Terrorism in Kashmir is also increased due to political development of Afghanistan.

However the residents of Kashmir celebrate various Indian festivals with full enthusiasm and gaiety. Kashmir is well known for its beautiful gardens, historical monuments, rivers, enchanting landscapes, picturesque spots, lakes, green forests, waterfalls & docile and gentle people. In the high altitude of Kashmir few rare wildlife species of animals are also seen. Mahatma Gandhi described Kashmir as a land of secularism. Kashmir is also called the land of God/ Goddesses as it has been the abode of sages and saints.

Today Kashmir is a major challenge towards Indian democracy. Both India and Pakistan should understand that no problem can ever be sought out with war. Both the countries have to work together to resolve this issue. No other country can intervene to find solution. The best way is to work honestly and view things practically so that the current arms race between the two countries comes to an end & their residents can lead a fear free and happy life.

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