Short Paragraph on Prayag

Here is your short paragraph on prayag:

Prayaga is the “the place of sacrifice”, where Brahma is reputed to have performed “Ashvamedhas”. It is one of India’s most significant pilgrim centres.


The name means “the sacrifice” and it is acknowledged as the “King of pilgrim centres (Tirthas)”. Prayaga is situated at the confluence of the Yamuna and the Ganges Rivers, about fifty miles as the crow flies from Banaras.

Today it bears the Muslim name Allahabad (city of Allah). According to Hindi tradition, it is said that the mysterious, sacred underground river, the Saraswati, was also to emerge there, at the confluence called the Triveni, “where Three Rivers Meet”.

Bathing at this confluence is very auspicious for Hindus. It is said that sins from countless lives begin to “tremble like a tree struck by a great wind.” When one prepares to go to Prayaga.

In the month of Magha, people come to Prayaga to bathe and every twelve years they come by hundreds of thousands to India’s greatest mela, the Kumbha Mela.

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