Short Paragraph on Vrindavan

Here is your short paragraph on Vrindavan:

Located in Uttar-Pradesh, the Vrindavan is a magnificent place with temples, shrines, ashrams that occupies a very significant place in the collective conscious­ness of not only India, but as rightly told by Dr. Karan Singh of those throughout the world who are attracted to the spiritual quest.


The exploits and adventures of the boy-Krishna are set in Vrindavan, the Vraj Bhumi, which is where he slew the demons sent by his wicked uncle Kansa to kill him and where he played his divine flute and performed the maharasa, the great dance, with the cowherd boys and girls.

Vrindavan was the divine forest in which Radha and Krishna dallied and explored the modes of their love.

Presently, the city boasts hundreds of festivals each year in glory of Lord Krishna and according to a foreign tourist, these festivals possess a unique quality by which they enter into the consciousness of the devotee and becomes more than the worldly event we all see and enjoy. They somehow impart a task of the divine pleasure which the Lord and his companions must savour.

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