Very Short Paragraph on Ayodhya

Here is your short paragraph on Ayodhya:

The Ayodhya city is one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage centres well-known for ‘Ramjanmabhumi (the birth place of Lord Rama).


Devotees from all parts of the country flock there every day to have darshan of the Lord Rama. Interestingly Ayodhya is also the birth place of Rsabha, Ajita, Abhinandana, Sumati, Ananta and Acalabhanu. Here many temples are built to depict Ramayana epics such as Sita Bhawan, Valmiki Bhawan etc.

City is also associated with Jainism and Buddhism. This is one of the seven holy places in India, located in the Faizabad district of east-central Uttar Pradesh and is also known as Ayojiha, Ajodhya, Ayudha and Vinita.

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