Short Paragraph on Poverty in India (267 Words)

Here is your short paragraph poverty in India!

Poverty is in itself a social curse and a source of many social evils. It is a stigma on society.


Poverty and its allied repercussions like starvation, malnourishment, and deformities affect the ruralites in particular leading to premature death.

Moreover extreme poverty not only stiffles their physical existence but also percolates into loss of values and self-degeneration. Class conflicts arise even in defining welfare. Income distribution evidences high disparity, the lowest 20 per cent getting 5 per cent whiles the highest 20 per cent cornering 41 per cent.

The impact of poverty is also reflected in the housing standards. More than the limited space, the multiple use of the single, ill-ventilated room gives rise to other associated problems of ill-health, lack of privacy. Again in such an atmosphere, the children pursue their studies. They get less educational support at home.

The economic condition of their parents does not permit them to go for higher education. Consequently they have limited life-opportunities to achieve upward social mobility. The poor are also concentrated in low-paid, dead-end jobs. These are not the occupations that produce economic security or comfort. These jobs also do not carry a great deal of prestige and respectability in our society.


The social cost of poverty is also quite high. Its most grievous costs are felt directly by the poor themselves, but it also imposes very large penalty on the rest of the society. It is in the form of crime, disease, social tension and unrest associated with gross inequality.

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