Short Paragraph on Frustration and Self-Devaluation

Here is your short paragraph on Frustration and Self-Devaluation !

Feelings of adequacy, worth and usefulness are the basic psychological needs to exist and continue normally. It is also an integral part of a healthy personality.


In other words, in order to maintain psychological harmony and integration one has to feel adequate.

Feeling of inadequacy makes life worthless. It makes one difficult to adjust. It also plays a crucial role in mental abnormality. Any type of mental illness, either minor or major, has some self devaluation attached to it. Especially in depressive patients it plays a vital role.

In a highly competitive society where greater importance is put on success and where there is a lot of gap between aspirations and abilities, the individual meets failure while trying to reach the desired goals.

Moreover, when the goals are set unrealistically high, it is beyond the capacity of the individual to achieve the goal and he feels frustrated. Continuous and successive failures lead to inferiority complex and devaluation of the self. The self concept is lowered.


Usually a number of common frustrations lead to devaluation of self. Most important of them are failure, losses, envious status, unhealthy comparison with others, personal limitations, lack of meaning and un-relatedness etc..

The haunch is every one meets frustration. But why in some cases there is excessive self-devaluation while others take it as a normal course of life? It all depends upon one’s approach to life and the way of dealing with frustrations.

If one learns to tolerate his frustrations and give a meaningful and sublimated colour to it, if one takes it easily instead of attaching tremendous importance probably there is less chance for self devaluation. The reaction to failure depends upon how one takes it. If it is considered as a pillar to success and all failures unless they are constantly experienced, if approached in a normal way, will not necessarily lead to self-devaluation.

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