Short Paragraph on Religion (440 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Religion !

Human’s belief in a supernatural power is called religion. Religion is an unknown & unseen power of human belief. It consists of series of practices and performances that binds & link human beings with that power.


Religion is something that every individual receive it from his/ her parents at the time of birth. You are bond to follow your religion until you die. Religions are lessons or beliefs followed by our ancestors.

However no God involves in creating any kind of religion. It is believed that religion develops right frame of mind of individuals & keeps them away from evil deeds so that they may not indulge themselves in any kind of catastrophic activity against mankind.

In fact no religion on earth is required to awake the consciousness of its follower but it’s the introspection which results in making good individuals. It is often seen that religions fail to maintain harmony and peace among individuals.

Some anti-social elements in the society are creating mass violence and disputes in the name of religion. The best way to maintain harmony and peace in the society is by following only one religion which is named as “HUMANITY”.


Religion consists of the following important elements:

I. Belief in the super natural power (that connects earth and heaven above).

II. Belief in the sacred/ holy (God who is the creator of earth and human beings).

III. Systems of rituals (to be followed).

IV. Sinful acts (that should be avoided).

V. Mode of worship (that is followed by every religion in its own unique way).

VI. Liturgy & ideology &

VII. Place of worship of God.

Religion plays a vital role for both society as well as individual. It has both negative & positive functions:

Positively functions of religion includes:

I. Mental peace in the minds of individuals.

II. Formation of positive thoughts.

III. Promotes social virtues.

IV. Promotes social solidarity.

V. Religion acts as an agent of socialization.

VI. It humanizes the animal in man.

VII. Influences the entire economy towards betterment.

VIII. Influences political system towards betterment.

IX. Gives recreation.

X. Strengthen self confidence in individuals.

Negative functions of religion includes:

I. Religion hinders social growth at times.

II. Religion impedes social change at times.

III. Promotes evil practices at times.

IV. Source of exploitation in some situations.

V. Religion is used to encourage communalism by some anti social elements of the society.

VI. It makes people fatalistic.

VII. Leads to violence at situations.

VIII. Creates groups such as beggars, saints, sages and fakirs that restrict the society to grow.

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