Paragraph Peninsular Rivers of India

Here is your paragraph Peninsular Rivers of India!

The Indian Peninsula is traversed by a large number of rivers which have existed for a much longer period than the Himalayan Rivers.


As such the peninsular rivers have reached mature stage and have almost reached the base level of their erosion.

This is characterised by broad, shallow and largely graded valleys. The beds have very subdued gradient except for a limited tract of river where faulting has allowed steepening of the gradient. Almost the entire peninsula present senile topography showing features of mature drainage.

The velocity of water in the rivers and the load carrying capacity of the streams are low due to low gradient and the rivers form big deltas at their mouths. This is especially observed in the east flowing rivers pouring into the Bay of Bengal. But the west flowing rivers of Narmada and Tapi as well as those originating from the Western Ghats and falling in the Arabian Sea form estuaries in place of deltas.

However, there are instances of superimposed and rejuvenated drainage represented by waterfalls. The Jog on the Sharvati (289 m), Yenna of Mahabaleshwar (183 m), Sivasamundram on the Cauveri (101 m), Gokak on the Gokak (55 m), Kapildhara (23 m) and Dhuandar (15 m) on the Narmada are the major waterfalls in the Peninsular India.

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