Paragraph on an Honest Student – by Silki


An honest student never follows the wrong ways to get success. I know the word ‘Honesty’ sounds very vague in today’s world of deception and greed; but, somehow I still didn’t lose faith in it.

My mother always tells me to choose honesty as she also did so during her childhood.


The student life is the base of human character development. If you can raise your child as honest and free of greed at this age, he/she will be fearless and a good person. An honest student works hard to succeed and face any competition with a high spirit. Moreover, lies and greed can never influence the character of an honest person.

Honest Student and Success:

An honest student never fears the failure. When students know there is no misdeed which can put them down, they remain fearless. Because achieving success through honesty is very hard, it may seem a bit painful at times. But, when a student learns to be an unmatched performer sticking to honesty, his/her confidence increases. An honest student never loses hope. He/she identifies his strength and uses it to reach the goal. An honest student is what we need for our country. An honest person will never think about personal gains at the cost of other’s well being.

The value of honesty is incomparable. When you raise a child as an honest person, you make a brave and a fearless person who never hurts a man or the society for the personal benefits. This type of person thinks beyond personal gains. An honest student becomes a strong human being. He learns to differentiate between the good and the bad. An honest student learns to take right decisions in life. He/she is not selfish. He/she will never put his/her friend’s and family’s well being at stake. Honesty will teach a student respect the truth and not to fear the bad people.

Rewards of Honesty:

No matter how hard the things look in the beginning, honesty always brings auspicious rewards at the end. If a student is honest, he/she will never think of getting good scores in the class by cheating. The student will work hard and make sure he/she achieves the expertise to outperform the others. This process will teach him/her to work hard. An honest and hard working student will never fear competition and struggle. A student will have faith in his/her own abilities. An honest student will be most likely to succeed because his natural instinct will encourage him not to lose hope and to compete till the end. Rewards of honesty are always good at the end.



So, an honest student will always have benefits over the others. Although the cheaters will succeed very easily in the beginning, their success will not be with them for very long. Success achieved through dishonesty never stays long term. A person who achieves success through wrong means will always have the fear of getting exposed. So, an honest student will not have to fear anything. A fearless and true person has reputation in the society. People like to follow this kind of person. So, our aim should be building honest youths for our country.

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