Paragraph on Lights, Camera, Action! Here’s Your Role! – by Shanu

Your role as a student and lot more:

Who is a student? You, yourself and everyone around you is a student! Anyone who wishes to learn is a student.


May it be a young age or old age; you are a student, always! There are various stages of your life when you are a student, but with various roles and various responsibilities.

To play different roles is not an easy task. Your role as a student when you are a child is just to learn the first words and stand up on your feet and walk! You will face failure because failure is inevitable, but you must also know that success is must!

What’s your role as a school student?

After a child has completed his nursery, he is admitted in a school. In the primary school, where you are just unaware of everything around you, at that time all you can do is sit calmly, or cry like madness! Well, as the days pass by, you actually realize the importance of school and suddenly you feel that you must show certain responsibility towards your education.


That is the time when you realize your role of being a student at your school. The different roles of the student at school are to attend the school regularly. Also, to complete all the home work assigned to you within the given time. To be in neat and clean uniform while going to the school and study regularly for minimum 2 hours.

Your role as a student at the college:

As your life changes from school to college, so do your priorities change. New relations, new friends distract you from your aim. The main thing is you must not forget that you have got to play the different roles of the student at college level too. Excellence in performance at college level leads you achieve a good career in future. Also, daily study of minimum 3 hours is must! You must understand that study is your primary focus and that being a student, is a most important role that you have to play at every stage of your life.

Your role as a student at your office:

Even when you are a grown up now, and you are able to earn your own bread and butter, you are still a student as life teaches you a lot many things. You get to learn a lot of new things from your partners, boss, etc. The different roles in your office are to submit your allotted work on time, and keep your organization at profit and to respect the higher authority and earn money with true efforts.

Your role as a member of a family!

Right from the day you begin your family life to the day when you lie down on the bed in your old age, you are a student. Learning various things such as being a father or mother, etc. is all a part of your student life. Thus we can see that life is the greatest teacher.

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