Short Paragraph on My School Principal (380 Words)

Here is your paragraph on My School Principal !

Every school has a principal and the principal sees to it that everybody in the school obeys to the rules and regulations of the school.


He or She would be in charge of all the responsibilities of the school on a day to day basis and he has the powers for all the major decisions in the school.

We also have a principal in our school. His name is Mr. Sharma. He joined our school only last year. He is a very strict person, yet a lovable person too. When it comes to the rules and regulations of the school he is very strict. He makes sure that every student comes on time, whether they have a problem, whether the staffs are on time and if not what was the reason, etc.

During assembly hours, he also comes with the entire school and attends the assembly. If there are any important announcements, he himself would make the announcements. After he has joined our school, not only the academic side, but the face of school itself has changed. He has contributed so much to the physical structure of the school and has made renovations, without creating any disturbance to the staff or students of the school.

He takes care of every small detailing of the school and its whereabouts and tries to make sure that it would in no way be a trouble to the students or teachers. In case any parent needs to speak to the principal, they could do so without any formalities and our principal would listen and find a solution for the problem.


Not only in appearance of the school and academics, but also in sports, cultural activities and other activities, our school has progressed and we are proud of the achievements that we have attained.

We are proud of our principal and we wish that we have him for longer years. With his presence, we are all very happy and have achieved great records for our school in almost all activities. He has been the best principal, so far I have seen and we all love him very much. Gentle, yet strong, is what our dear principal is and we wish him success all through his life.

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