Short Paragraph on My Favorite Season (Summer)

Here is your short paragraph on my favorite season (summer):

I am a big nature lover. I always admire the changing character of nature every year. It gives a message to the mankind that nothing is permanent in this world; change is the only permanent thing in life.


So we should never be disheartened with the failures of life as it is not permanent. Generally I like all the seasons that nature brings with this but still my favorite season is summer season because of many reasons.

I like summers because of its hot temperature. Many people hate the hotness that summer brings with it but it’s the main reason behind my love with the summer. I love the blue clean sky & no rains. Even if it rains it’s pleasant and warm. I love walking in the rain because that’s the time when I can forget all my worries and relax myself to the fullest.

I like the long summer days because the day becomes too big and we can finish up lot many things in one single day. I love the warm and short summer nights because we get less time to sleep and more time to do the important things in life.

Though the nights are short but the weather allows us to relax and take a sound sleep. I also like summers because it the only season of beautiful flowers & we gets the opportunity to taste the healthy fruits directly from the gardens.


I have a big garden at my grandparents place. It has many trees like the guava tree, banana tree, papaya tree, mango tree and pomegranate tree. Each year I eagerly wait for the summers to arrive early so that I can have those yummy and healthy fruits at my Grandparent’s garden.

I like summers also because I have long two months summer vacations each year from June to July. I like to travel to visit new places and spending quality time with friends and family on summer vacations. It’s the best time for me to come out of my school’s hectic monotonous life. Throughout my summer vacation I sleep and party a lot. Every year I join my basketball classes because I love basketball.

In the night I go out at the big public garden located near my society with my friends and family. I stay at my Grandparent’s house and help them with the daily rotational activities. My Grandmother is a very good cook and she teaches many delicious dishes. These are few reasons why I love summer season a lot. The aim reason is that it gives me love and happiness which no other season gives.

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