Short Paragraph on Slavery (400 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Slavery !

Slavery is the cruelest act against mankind in the history. Slavery was a kind of system where whites were considered superior as compared to the blacks and were sold and purchased like property purposely because of cheap forced labor.


In the days of colonialism slavery was a common practice in America. During those days (due to racial discrimination) black people were purchased to work over white farms/ plantations.

Slavery led to the American Civil War & Withdrawal of Southern States. Slavery initially existed in various forms for centuries & still prevalent today in various parts of the globe. In the year 1865 the government of the United States abolished slavery in its 13th Amendment to the constitution after the American Civil War. Slavery was abolished because-

I. It was immortal & against humanity.

II. To prevent rebellions by the slaves.


III. To abandon American patriots & join British armed forces.

Racists wanted to abolish slavery because they wanted to export all black people to Africa (whether they were born there or not).

Slaves were treated as animals and were made to work under harsh conditions. They were forced to work for fourteen hours a day. They were not given enough food and shelter. Many of them die due to malnutrition. Those who disobey their masters were cruelly beaten. There was no hope for the slaves. They were shot dead if they protest.

Abraham Lincoln was the man who made slavery illegal. As a president of United States he used his special powers to free slaves from this brutal act of slavery. He passed a law that announced slavery as an illegal act. After this law was passed the black slaves working on plantations were set free forever. He also took steps to modernize the economy and strengthen the national government.

Slavery initially began in US in 1619 when the Africans were sold by the Dutch ship captain to the people of Jamestown. After that African people were kidnapped and bought to America on crowded slave ship & sold in auctions. Individuals whose bids were high can make the purchases. By 1800 there were around 8, 93, 000 slaves in the US. 50 years later this number roused tremendously to 3 million. Later on slavery was abolished because people boldly took steps to fight against this cruel act. May former slaves sacrificed their lives to help other to kill the slavery system.

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