Paragraph on Unemployment (202 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Unemployment!

Another major problem, which many countries are facing in addition to poverty, is unemployment.


A person needs to be employed in order to satisfy his needs. A person, who has the capacity to work but refuses or fails to obtain work, can be referred to as unemployed.

Most urban unemployment in developing countries like India takes the form of underemployment, in which the people are obliged to undertake any available economic activity, however poorly paid and unproductive.

This condition occurs mainly because there are no social safety nets, and no alternatives in the form of unemployment insurance or job training for formal sector work in these countries.

In India, finding employment in the urban setting can be extremely challenging, and, whenever possible, networks of relatives and friends are used to help seek jobs. Millions of Indians are unemployed or underemployed. Unemployment rates vary dramatically across the regions of India. In 1987, the daily status unemployment rate (URDS) ranged between 22.4 per cent in Kerala and 5.2 per cent in Uttar Pradesh. Ingenuity and tenacity are the hallmarks of urban workers, who carry out a remarkable multitude of tasks and sell an incredible variety of foods, trinkets and services, all under difficult conditions.

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