Short Paragraph on Panchayati Raj System in India

Paragraph on Panchayati Raj System in India!

The successful working of democracy demands association of the people at the various levels of administration.


Panchayati Raj or Democratic Decentralisation aims at associating the people Nature with the administration at the grassroots level. It is specifically designed for rural population to take care of the problems of rural areas. It provides the administrative apparatus for implementation of the programmes of rural development.

The Panchayati Raj system is best suited for developmental and administrative need of India’s rural masses because of wide C0N1 variation in the nature and magnitude of local problems. It is an inexpensive form of local government which can identify the local problems and issues more realistically and expeditiously act to resolve them judiciously.

The Panchayats provide a forum where Dr. P local people can meet and chalk out programmes of their own progress. In this way existence of Panchayati Raj enables the country to have more meaningful developmental plans in which mass participation of the rural population can be assured.

The basic objective of Panchayati Raj is to evolve a system of democratic decentralisation and devolution of powers, functions and authority to the rural people with a view to ensuring rapid socio-economic progress and speedier and inexpensive justice.


This is to be achieved through (i) increasing agricultural production, (ii) development of rural industries, (iii) fuller utilisation of available manpower and natural resources, (iv) fostering co-operation among the rural masses, (v) amelioration of the conditions of the weaker sections of the rural community and (vi) progressive decentralisation Bran of authority and encouragement of voluntary agencies.

The sociological significance of Panchayati Raj has been highlighted by A.R. Desai. He rightly observes, “Land reforms, cooperatives, Panchayati Raj and community development movements are supposed to be the four solid pillars on which a prosperous, dynamic and genuinely democratic rural social system is attempted to be built by the government of independent India”.

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