Short Paragraph on Racial Discrimination

Here is your short paragraph on Racial Discrimination !

Racial discrimination is a crime against human rights. The word race refers to the difference in terms of facial features, hair texture and the skin tone.


Racial discrimination is a natural and normal part of humanity that contributes to an individual’s uniqueness.

Race is an invented and arbitrary way to group people. In the history of mankind human beings have used racial differences as a base for discrimination.

Signs of racial discrimination are as follows:

I. Not appointed for the job you want or qualify for.


II. People call you by various names instead of your actual name in order to insult or humiliate you.

III. You are made to sit differently away from others.

IV. You are terminated or demoted from your job & not given any good reason to justify the decision.

V. People around you humiliate your family and their nature of origin.

Today world is facing serious problems in terms of racial discrimination. Racial violence and discrimination has remarkably increased against Latin Americans, Arab Americans & various other cultural and religious groups.

The best way to overcome racial discrimination is to enact anti discrimination laws in the society to put an end to it. Many countries all around the world has already made specific laws to forbid the practice of racial discrimination. These laws clearly mention that treating someone differently with respect to the class the person belongs to, sexual orientation, color, race or national origin is illegal.

An employer cannot reject a qualified employee on the basis of skin color or race. They cannot harass them or refuse their promotions or pay them low because of their race. Educating people over this issue is also a great way to make them aware about its consequences in the society. In fact any kind of discrimination in the society is wrong & should be ended.

To overcome racial discrimination you must take the following steps:

I. Tell the authorities- Special laws are made in every country to protest against racial discrimination. If you feel that you are being discriminated against race, do not hesitate to file a complaint and report the authorities.

II. Try to ignore- Such type of prejudice vanishes away if you try to ignore in some cases. Ignore those who mock over you. Avoid fighting with those who are not worthy of your time and move on with your head held high.

III. Familiarize yourself with the rules- Educate yourself. Read the policies to file complaint on the basis of racial discrimination and take steps whenever required.

IV. Enhance your self esteem- Whenever you are lead down by somebody remember that your world is not ended yet. You are not less than anybody else.

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