Short Paragraph on My Favorite Game (Football)

Here is your short paragraph on My Favorite Game (Football) !

Football is my favorite game because it is quite challenging and interesting game. I began to play football while I was 6 years old.


Since then it has become my passion. It is also called “king sport” and is the most famous sport in the entire world.

Daily we have 30 minutes sports period in my school. I play football every day with my school buddies in sports period. In India also football is gaining wide popularity. It is played between cities, villages and towns as well. The ball used in this game is made up of leather material from outside & robber bladder from inside.

Whenever the ball loses its air due to kicking it can be pumped and refilled with an air pump into the bladder. A level rectangular grass field having goal at each end is used to play football. The size of the field must be 100 yard in length & 55 yard in breadth is required to play football.

While the match is played between the 2 teams, the ground is separated into 2 equal sides having goal post on each side. The game is played between two teams having six, seven or eleven players in each team. Each team aims to score points by kicking the ball inside the goal of the opposite team.


In total there are 1 goal keeper, 2 full backs, 5 forwards and 3 half backs standing on either side if each team is having 11 players in total. Team having fewer players is adjusted accordingly. The forward players try to kick the football inside the goal post located on their opposite party. The goal keeper & the backs try to save the goals. A referee helped by the lines men supervises the entire game. The overall duration for which the game is played is ninety minutes. There is a time out/ break for ten minutes. The team that successfully scores more goals is declared as the winning team. Sometimes none of the team scores any goal, or scores equal no of goals. In such cases the match is declared as a drawn match.

I am unable to control my emotions when my team wins while playing. I shout aggressively. I go crazy. Playing football keeps me fit, healthy and boosts my immunity power as well. I actively take part in football competitions in my school as well as city. Playing football helps me to make me energetic and overcome stress due to exams and studies.

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