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Short Paragraphs on Agriculture (306 Words)

Agriculture represents the first attempt of human beings of control static resources, that is the bounty of land. It is as old as human civilization on the earth. In ancient times, there were only three basic needs of human beings, food, cloth and shelter. But due to increased population food needs are also increased, so […]

Here is Your Paragraph on Agriculture

Agriculture has played a vital role in sus­taining and nurturing humankind. The initially gradual but accelerating growth of dense populations that inhabit the earth today and the development of modern civilization have been made possible by the developments and sophistications in agri­culture. Agriculture has no single or simple origin. As soon as humans began to […]

Paragraph on Indian Agriculture (404 Words)

Paragraph on Indian Agriculture! Agriculture includes rising of crops from the land, animal husbandry, Agroforestry and pisciculture. India is pre-eminently an agricultural country. Agriculture has been practised in India since time immemorial. It plays a vital role in the economy of India. Till 1971, about 80 per cent of India’s population Jived in rural areas […]

Short Paragraph on the Classifications of Agriculture

Some of the major groups under which the agriculture is classified are as follows: Agriculture is by far the most widespread form of human activity and is more basic than any industry. It is difficult to classify the agricultural types of the world because of complex farming activities. Still they are classified into various groups: […]

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