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Paragraph on Cow – by Rajan Karle

Introduction: The cow is a domestic animal and offers great service to the society. Cows are always been useful to the man in various ways. Body type: Cows have four legs and a long tail. Excluding the two horns, the remaining body parts of a cow are the same as that of other domestic animals. […]

Visit to Zoo: Short Paragraph on My Visit to Zoo

Here is your short paragraph on My Visit to Zoo ! Last Sunday, I visited a zoo. Visiting a zoo was not only entertaining but it was a great experience for me. It enhanced my knowledge about many animals and their rare species. I travelled almost 25 kilometers to visit that zoo. When I entered […]

Short Paragraph on My Visit to Zoo (390 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my visit to Zoo ! It was during a short vacation that my parents decided that we would go to the zoo. My sister and I were eagerly waiting for the day to arrive. I have studied in class, that Zoo is a place where different kinds of animals […]

Paragraph on Zoo (364 Words)

Read this short paragraph on Zoo ! A zoo provides a home to many species of animals and birds all of which live together in harmony. Many years ago, animals in a zoo were kept in cages and people would view them from inside their cages. However, these days’ things have significantly changed and better […]

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