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Paragraph on Caste System in India (329 Words)

Paragraph on Caste System in India! The word ‘Caste’ owes its origin to the Spanish word ‘Casta’ which means ‘breed, race, strain or a complex of hereditary qualities’. In India it is known by the name of ‘Jati’. The English word ‘Caste’ is an adjustment of the original term. Risely has defined caste as “a […]

Caste System: Paragraph on Changing Caste System in India

Here is your short paragraph on changing caste system in India! The origin of caste system in India may be traced in the Aryan settlement and expansion sometime in the second millennium. Ever since its introduction, caste system has persisted and expanded, with assimilation of new elements, to form new castes. This system has worked […]

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