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Paragraph on Cultural Diversity of India – by Rajan Karle

Introduction: Cultural diversity of India can be studied on the basis of olden times of more than thousand years. Many studies and researches have proved that the existence of mankind in India has a huge history. It is believed that people used to live in India even in the Stone Age. History: When we look […]

Paragraph on India as a Mega-Diversity Nation

Paragraph on India as a Mega-Diversity Nation! India has a very rich diversity of wild plants and animals, and is considered to be one of the mega-diversity country. Its share of the global biodiversity is about 8.6% of wild plant and animal species respectively. Estimates for the number of micro-organism species are not available. Parallel […]

Paragraph on India as a Land of Diversities

Here is your short paragraph on India: a land of diversities: India is a land of great diversities and contrasts. It is but natural that an area as vast as the Indian sub­continent should have considerable physical diversity. The extremes of physical and human geography of India are extreme indeed. In the south is the […]

Short Paragraph on India’s Unity in Diversity

Here is your short paragraph on India’s unity in diversity! India has been able to project itself as a single territorial unit in the face of physical, political, social and economic contrasts. The unifying role of the Great Plains between the Himalayan ranges on one hand and the Peninsular India on the other can hardly […]

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