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Paragraph on Conventional Sources of Energy

How important are the conventional sources of energy? Well, this is easily comprehensible from the fact that conventional energy sources will soon vanish from the surface of the earth. One day there will be no sources left to produce electricity. Because they are non-renewable energy sources. With expanding civilization and increasing population, our energy consumption […]

Short Paragraph on Energy Conversation in India

Here is your short paragraph on Energy Conversation in India! The situation of India’s energy front is alarming, to say the least. There’s al­ready a 7% energy shortage of electric power. Just as there is about 55% gap between indigenous production of crude and demand for petroleum products. India can ill afford the huge capital […]

Paragraph on Energy (232 Words)

Here is your paragraph on energy! Energy is the primary input in the production of goods and services. The wheels of progress move with the flow of energy. One of the critical elements in raising the standard of living of a country’s population is the provision of affordable and reliable energy services in sufficient quantities. […]

Paragraph on Energy Conservation (251 Words)

Here is your paragraph on energy conservation! In a scenario where India tries to accelerate its development process and cope with increasing energy demands, conservation and energy efficiency measures are to play a central role in our energy policy. A national movement for energy conservation can significantly reduce the need for fresh investment in energy […]

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