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Flood Management Programmes in India

Central Flood Control Board was established in India in 1954 and on its basis. Provincial Flood Control Boards were also established at the state level. During the First Five-Year Plan itself, importance was given to construction of embankments and big dams. It was written in the draft plan that big dams could prove useful in […]

Very Short Paragraph on Floods (578 Words)

Very Short Paragraph on Floods! Floods and droughts both are natural hazards and are related with rainfall. If there is heavy rain in the catchment area of a river, flood occurs. On the other hand, if there is less rain or failure of monsoon, drought occurs. In both the situations their impact on environment creates […]

Paragraph on the Effects of Floods on Human Life

Here is your short paragraph on the effects of floods on Human life! Floods have multipronged effects on human life. A more frightening fact is that floods are becoming more damaging as their frequency, intensity and magnitude increases with the passage of time. The most damaging effect of floods is the colossal loss of life […]

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