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Paragraph on Green Revolution in India (584 Words)

Paragraph on Green Revolution in India! Green Revolution owes its origin in the findings of new dwarf variety of wheat seed by Dr. Norman Earnest Borlaug. He was incharge of Wheat Development Programme in Mexico in the 1950s and was the genetic architect of the dwarf wheat. Earlier, he and Dr. Hassar had conducted, in […]

Here is your paragraph on Green Revolution in India

Here is your paragraph on Green Revolution in India! It is true that green revolution has brought in its wake some beneficial effects for the Indian agricultural setting. Nevertheless, it has its own limitations. It has been limited in its coverage on three counts: crops, land and regions. Viewed from the angle of crops, green […]

Paragraph on Green Revolution (388 Words)

Here is your brief on Paragraph Green Revolution! During the sixties, Indian agriculture experienced a spectacular increase in production, especially in that of wheat and rice crops. It was mainly through an increase in productivity per hectare of these crops. The jump in the rate of increase in productivity of these crops was so sudden […]

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