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Paragraphs on Indi-Pop (749 Words)

Paragraphs on Indi-Pop! Indi-pop is a relatively nascent style of music that combines diverse and eclectic musical influences—from raga to reggae and bass beats to bhangra. It has overcome musical frontiers across the world and developed a distinct niche for itself. Pop music began gaining popularity in the Indian subcontinent with the success of the […]

Globalisation of Indi-pop!

Globalisation of Indi-pop! Globalisation of Indi-pop has been a trend since the late 1990s. Hariharan and Leslie Lewis began a new experimentation in fusion music with their album called Colonial Cousins (1994). Their music was targeted primarily at the non-resident Indians in North America. By the end of 1999, Indi-pop began its inroads into the […]

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