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Paragraphs on Jainism (673 Words)

Paragraphs on Jainism! The jina or Jaina means ‘the Conqueror’. According to Jain tradition their religion is quite old, even anterior to Aryan Brahmanism. The Yajurveda mentions Rishabha, Ajinatha and Aristanemi. One of the Puranas describes Rishabha as an incarnation of Narayana. Mahavira (6th century BC) is said to be the historical founder of Jainism. […]

Short Paragraph on Jaina Festivals

Here is your short paragraph on Jaina festivals: Jainism was founded about the time of the closing of the three-Veda corpus and the composition of the earliest Aranyakas and Upanisads, when speculation in India and elsewhere was turning away from mythical to rational explanations of man’s own nature and that of his environment. Jainism takes […]

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