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Paragraph on Naga Panchami (617 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Naga Panchami: Falling in the month of August, Naga Panchami is perhaps a pre-Aryan festival that has been accepted in the Hindu pantheon celebrated in the north and western India, this is a day of worship of the Snake-God Shesha (the infinite) on whom Lord Vishnu reclines. Serpent festivals are […]

Short Paragraph on Naga Panchami Mela

Here is your short paragraph on Naga Panchami Mela: Karkotaka Vapi in the Kashi Khanda is having one of the deepest wells in Kashi, popularly known as ‘Naga Kuan’. It is in the ancient and now dilapidated part of northern Kashi and the home of Patanjali, the great Sanskrit grammarian of the ancient times. On […]

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