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Short Paragraph on Tsiekranyi Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Tsiekranyi Festival: The term ‘tsie’ bears the meaning ‘Seed’ and ‘kru (or Kra) means to sow. This is, thus, the seed – sowing festival of the Angami Nagas of Nagaland that falls in the month of Keno (February). The celebration of the festival is must before the seed – […]

Short Paragraph on Khilunyie Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Khilunyie festival: This harvest festival of eight days is observed by the Angamis of Nagaland. This falls in the last week of the month of November. The first day is the ceremo¬≠nial closing of the harvest. The rice-grains are arranged on the second day. The third day is meant […]

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