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Indo-Pak: 4 Major Disputes between India and Pakistan

4 Major Disputes between India and Pakistan are 1. The Rann of Kachchh Dispute, 2. The Kashmir Problem, 3.The Siachin Glacier Dispute, 4. Sir Creek ! Consequently boundary has been marred by a number of disputes and hostile activities from both the countries ever since it came into being. Following disputes are worth mentioning. (i) […]

Short Paragraph on Indo-Pakistan Boundary

Here is your short paragraph on Indo-Pakistan boundary: The Indo-Pakistan boundary is the result of partition of the country in 1947 under the Radcliffe award of which Sir Cyril Radcliffe was the chairman. This boundary’ runs through varied relief features and is marked by a large number of incongruities, anomalies and irrationalities. It starts from […]

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